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This was such a great party for all these kids, they got to run around and search for candy filled eggs and play tons of activities.  They also got a chance to take some photos with one of Blue Sky’s photographers, Anna Impullitti.  She got some great shots of the kids with the bunnies and by themselves.  The kids definitely had a great time with the bunnies and taking some cute shots with Anna.  Here are some of our favorites, enjoy!!

Oh my goodness, this baby is sooo stinkin cute!  I can just see a sprouting baby model career in the future for this family.  We had such a great time in the studio with this little bundle of joy.  We used our natural light studio in Kristin’s home studio in Laguna Beach and the lighting was amazing!  Every single one of the shots are beautiful and we can’t wait to show the proud parents the rest of the session.  Below are a few of our favorites, please enjoy!!

This was our last bunny shoot of the year, sadly but truly the bunny’s career with Blue Sky’s is over until next year when we get new baby bunnies!  The bunnies have found a wonderful home and will not be separated because they are going together to the same home!  This shoot was a lot of fun, these beautiful girls were so full of energy and laughter.  We got some great shots of these girls and the bunnies, I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites!

As some of you might remember, these two beauties use to grace the wall of Blue Sky’s Salon and Studio!  I was so excited to get the call that they were back in town and wanted a Mom and Daughter sitting.  We headed down to Victoria, but little did I know the waves would be GIANT and there would be no access to the “castle stairs”!  No matter, we found plenty of other great spots to shoot and the lighting was exceptionally good for that late in the morning!  I hope you two enjoy these images as much I as enjoyed taking them!  There are lots more to see and I will put a slideshow together later in the week!  Thanks!

I am so glad we added one more day in the park this year.    We enjoyed getting back in touch with clients we have not seen for years, and working with those families that participate every year.  Taking Spring portraits is such a great way to capture a child at any age.  As you will see, we worked with kids from babies to those in middle school and they were all beautiful.  Thanks so much to each family that participated.  We really hope you enjoy the images!

Here are the rest of the families from last Saturday!   The bunnies keep getting cuter and cuter and so do the kids!