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Oh my goodness, this baby is sooo stinkin cute!  I can just see a sprouting baby model career in the future for this family.  We had such a great time in the studio with this little bundle of joy.  We used our natural light studio in Kristin’s home studio in Laguna Beach and the lighting was amazing!  Every single one of the shots are beautiful and we can’t wait to show the proud parents the rest of the session.  Below are a few of our favorites, please enjoy!!

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The day we took these images was so beautiful!  The sun was out and the weather was warm, such a perfect day to be down at the beach.  We took these beautiful women down to the beach for their professional headshots and just had a great time with them.  We took individual shots and also took some group shots for their business website.  Take a look at a few of my favorites…

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I meet the Hamilton family last year during our coverage of the Philharmonic Gala!   It is very seldom that I photograph the parents before the kids, but in this case I did.  Kathy was photographed by me numerous times throughout last year and I LOVED working with her.  She is always quick to smile and laugh.  Little did I know she was hiding her beautiful daughter and niece away for later.  Well, I am so fortunate to have had a chance to finally photograph both of them in the park last week!  The apple, in this case, did not fall far from the tree.  Not only is Kathy beautiful, but so is her daughter and niece.  In fact, her daughter was nominated to the Homecoming court.  Good luck to her and enjoy the photos!







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Wow, it is not often that you get to work with a really good looking guy that is genuinely nice!  I had such a good time with Kendall.  He has a great attititude and is a natural in front of the camera.  He even agreed to go in the “chilly” ocean with his clothes on so I could get the shot I was envisioning!  I know he will have a successful modeling careering and I am looking forward to seeing his mug in the pages of GQ magazine!








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This photoshoot was so much fun, we got to do so many different locations and got so many great shots.  It’s no surprise that these photos turned out so well, because of how handsome this boy is.  He was such a joy to work with and I can tell he’s going to make it big someday.  Hopefully these headshots will help him on his way 🙂











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Okay, so I have been raving about shooting in natural light using subtractive and reflective light!  This is why.  Dannielle, the owner of StudioDCSalon in Laguna Beach, came in for some headshots.  She wanted something modern and creative and I suggested we use only natural light.  She is a beautiful girl and this light completely complements her lovely skin and hair.  Isn’t her hair GREAT!  The good news is this type of lighting is really great for anyone!    Even I was inspired to have Anna (our second shooter) take some of me!  Hope you enjoy!




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